Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday 22/6/12 - Last day in Vegas

Last day in Vegas! This is the view from our suite:

This was the Spa tower that we stayed in:


This is one of the lovely wall sconces:

Here are the Bellagio Fountains doing their thing:

Here is the Chocolate Fountains in the Bellagio:

Here is the wonderful Foyer and Conservatory in the Bellagio:

We had breakfast in the Paris Casino at the French cafe. We both had an egg and bacon roll, orange juice and coffees.

We spent the day checking out some of the nearby casinos-Caesars Palace, the Cosmopolitan, Crystals, Aria, MGM Grand, New York New York (where I had some Ben & Jerrys ice cream).

We relaxed in the Bellagio bar with cocktails until our shuttle came to take us to the airport. Our flight was 2 hours late and we thought we would miss our connection, but as we got off our flight, our next flight from LA to Sydney was just boarding...we just crossed the hallway and got on. We weren't sure if our luggage would make it but yes, it arrived in Sydney with us.... What an awesome holiday....

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