Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday 11/6/12 Universal Studios

Went to Universal Studios today. Universal Studios Started with the Universal Studio back lot tour which included a lot of sets... And finished with a 3D fight between King Kong and dinosaurs....very awesome. Back to the Future: Town from Jaws: Munsters House: Car Stunts: Bates Motel: Cars: Grinch Town: War of the Worlds: Wisteria Lane: Went through the Haunted House. Lots of screaming and laughing. The Transformers ride was a highlight. Lots of 3D graphics in a car contraption that moved around a lot. Of course we saved the world as part of it all. Other rides included The Mummy, and the very enjoyable Simpsons 3D. Clever scriptwriting as part of it too. Shrek 4D was also well done. The lines for lunch were too long at all outlets so grabbed a late lunch of hotdogs just before we left at 3.00 when there were no longer long queues. After Universal Studios, as we were catching the elevator back up to our room, we got in with Olivia Newton John but we didn't pick it until we got out! She heard us talking and said G'day to which we said G'day back and just as we were thinking, is it....? The lift stopped on our floor and we got out! She looked amazing. Spent the late afternoon at the pool again.... For dinner, headed to 3rd Street Boulevard to Johnny Rockets for dinner where we had shakes and burgers with cheesy fries. Had an after dinner drink in an English style pub where I had Guinness and Paul tried different beers.

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