Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday 17/6/12 - Shooting Range and Rehab Pool Party

Breakfast again from the Fuel cafe.

Then we went to the Las Vegas gun range. For a mere $80 we both shot an Uzi and Paul shot the 44 Magnum.

It was so much fun. I took video footage so as soon as I have worked out how to download it, I will post it here!


We then went to a supermarket and bought some supplies. We ended up buying Paul a carton of cigarettes for only $50 (the cost of 2 packets in Australia).

We then found a McDonalds for lunch. I had a cheeseburger and a hot chocolate fudge sundae that also had nuts I could add! Paul of course got his usual Big Mac etc. He reckons the special sauce tastes different. But he did like the refillable coke cup...

After lunch, we returned to the Hard Rock Hotel to join the Rehab Pool Party.
Stuart had hired a cabana which fast tracked us through the waiting lines. We stayed at the pool party all afternoon until it was over. What an experience.
Check out this promotional really was like this!

We met everyone at reception at 8.00pm to go and have dinner in "old Vegas".
We ended up at the Freemont Hotel for $2 margaritas and $12 Surf n Turfs!



Here is a picture of some of what we ate for dinner - an onion ring basket and taster plate......

We watched the 11.00 light show in the mall which featured The Doors music. We bought some souvenirs and then headed back to the Hotel.


There are lots of photos of the hitch-hiking cowboy as it is an image that Paul associates with Vegas......

And here is what is left of the Gang on the last night in Vegas.....

Thanks Lizzie for taking the photo....

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