Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday 10/6/12 Venice Beach Los Angeles

Paul feeling a bit fluey so I caught the hotel car up to the drug store and walked back to the hotel. Bought Paul some cold/flu tablets (not with pseudo ephedrine as you need to be a us citizen for that!). Bought a phone sim card to use while in the USA. Will be useful when in Vegas with the guys. Also bought a big Mac for Paul for brekkie to cheer him up and a protein bar and 2 cappuccinos from Starbucks. Plus I brought back coke and root beer I am addicted to it! I wish I could buy it at yummy. A bit like vanilla coke but even better! I noticed this on the way back to the Hotel...... Once Paul was up and mobile, we caught the hotel car down to Venice Beach so we could walk back to Santa Monica. Showed Paul the Venice Canals. Went souvenir shopping along the boardwalk and watched the passing parade of interesting locals and sights to see. This is one of the houses on the beach.... I even recognised a roller blading bearded bare chested hippy playing electric guitar from the last time I visited Los Angeles (in 1996). He hadn't changed a bit! We ate a late lunch in a cafe along the way where we had hotdogs with chilli and cheese. Saw Muscle Beach and watched amazing gymnasts on equipment up near Santa Monica pier. I could have hired roller blades or skates for $6/hour...but decided to head back to the Hotel pool instead. But first Paul wanted to swim in the ocean..... Caught the hotel car to a nearby bowling alley where we played about 6 games. Much harder in real life compared to Wii! We drank beer and ate nachos, nibbles plate with onion rings, fried zucchini, potato skins, chicken wings and a plate of fries.....huge servings!

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