Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday 15/6/12 - Graceland Wedding Chapel

We drove to the Harley bike rental place to rent the bike for the day. Then we found the costume shop for our Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf outfits. Had brunch in a Greek cafe. We both got coffees, while I had a pastrami roll with melted cheese and Paul had an Onassis burger. We then found a Hardware Store so we could buy tape for our flags. Paul put a Boxing Kangaroo flag on the Mustang and an Australian flag on the Harley. We then picked up the Harley, did laps of the Las Vegas Strip and went back to the Hotel to get changed into our outfits.......

Stuart hosted drinks in his suite in the Casino Tower.

Stuart had an awesome view of the pools from his room:

Then Paul and I rode in costume, up the Las Vegas Boulevard, to the Graceland Wedding Chapel where Elvis remarried us. It was a very funny ceremony and Elvis could not stop laughing. He said it was the best one ever - I think we out-vegased Vegas.... He sang three songs - Love Me Tender, Can't Help Falling in Love With You and Viva Las Vegas (of course!).

Thank you Stuart for having part of your 40th in Vegas so we could do this....We loved having everyone along too!!!!

We rode back via the Strip, dropped off the Harley and the owners were still there. They loved it and we had to pose for more photos....we dropped the Mustang back to Hard Rock Hotel and then met the guys at the Venetian  for pre dinner drinks. 

We then went to Delmonico Steak House also in the Venetian for a beautiful steak dinner.
They even gave Stuart, Paul and I, a special dessert for our celebrations....

We finished the night off with drinks back at the Hard Rock Hotel.

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