Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday 12/6/12 -Disneyland & LA Derby Angels

Disneyland Hired a car a Nissan sedan to get to Disneyland. It was the easiest way. Hotel gave us great directions and we parked in the Woody (from toy story) car park. Then we caught a bus to Disneyland. We had breakfast in one of the bakery cafes near the Castle. I had a quiche and Paul had a turkey roll. Here is the cafe: We did the rides first thing while the lines were quieter. We went on the Haunted Mansion, then the Pirates of the Carribean where we noticed an awesome Cajun restaurant that overlooked the ride. So we booked there for an early dinner. The Indiana Jones ride was shut all day which was disappointing. The Disney Castle was much smaller than we expected it to be. It had a wonderful exhibiton of Princesses in it.... We also went on the steam train that circled the park, then the It's a Small World boat ride, the paddle wheel steamer on the river and walked around tomorrow land seeing what it would be like in the future - a bit like the powerhouse museum with lots of interactive computers and displays. By this stage all lines for rides were more than 30 mins long and the fast passes were sending people back to the rides after 6.00pm....but we still enjoyed the park..... Dinner in the Blue Bayou Cajun Restaurant was wonderful. Paul had Surf n Turf and I had Jambalaya. While we had the car, we went to visit the LA Derby Angels on way back to hotel. They have an awesome warehouse setup in a suburb called Gardena, not too far from Venice beach. I gave them a blue mountains roller derby tshirt and met the girls, one of which was called Ghetto.
For more info on the LA Roller Derby girls.... Angel City Derby Girls We returned to our hotel and had a nightcap at the bar. While Paul was ordering me a pot of tea, another bloke at the bar said to him, "where I come from, them is fighting words...." Paul laughed and explained it was for the wife and that he was getting a beer. That's how we met Rusty from Texas.... He was a great late night conversationalist. This was our rental car for the day....

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