Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday 20/6/12 - Death Valley

We did the breakfast buffet at the Furnace Creek Ranch. We had full cooked breakfast-crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, frittatas, orange juice, coffees, plus I tried French toast with strawberry syrup.

We drove to Scottys Castle at the other end of Death Valley. It was a huge 1920s mansion with a colorful history. Click here for more info:

We then visited the Ubehebe Crater which was this awesome volcanic crater, now extinct. I have video footage of the crater I will load later. Our camera battery ran out at this stage.....

We drove to the Rhyolite Ghost Town. There are several ghost towns in death valley but Rhyolite is the only one not on a dirt road. For more information on this town go here:

Again, we took video footage of the town as the camera was not working. Will load later..... We drove into nearby Beatty for gas. Both Rhyolite and Beatty are back in Nevada, whereas the rest of Death Valley is in California. A lot of Rhyolite houses were moved into Beatty.

We drove back to Furnace creek ranch and spent the afternoon in the pool. Again the temperature was up in the high 40s.

For dinner we went back to the Wrangler Steak House. I got steak and Paul got chicken. We again shared a bottle of Californian merlot.

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