Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Vegas Wedding One Month Anniversary....

To celebrate our one month anniversary of being re-married by Elvis at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, I am pleased to be able to share our wedding DVD.
Note when Elvis turns to the camera and says, "This is the best one ever, man...". 
I think we out-vegased Vegas.  We also love that Elvis changed a lot of his script to accommodate the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood......

Please enjoy:

We want to thank Stuart for having part of his 40th Birthday SPOT Tour in Las Vegas.  Getting re-married by Elvis had been on our "to-do" list for many years and we had just not got around to doing it.  Stuarts 40th Birthday celebrations was the perfect time to go to Vegas.  We loved having the 40th Birthday entourage along as our audience.  Thanks for making it heaps of fun guys - Stuart, JR, Anya, Simon, Lizzie, Tyler, Amy, Patrick, Olga, Steve, Kathleen and Milan......I hope I didn't leave anyone off the list! 

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